Albury Casting can use it’s manufacturing contacts in Malaysia specifically but Asia wide to located & procure parts that do not fit within our main scope of aluminium dies casting and machining. We have around us many other producers of investment casting, forging, iron & steel sand castings along with other metal pressing & stamping factories.
We currently use a number of these suppliers for our own products that are not made from permanent mould die casting and can also source parts from them for other sub contracted customers use. Holding stock and scheduling can all be arranged based off of customer requirements.
While we can source most parts, metal castings are our specialty.  At this time we supply the following through our own products and for customer requirements.  To ease communication issues we also have staff on hand who have the ability to converse in a number of languages to ensure no miscommunication develops into an error at the time of supply.


Part control & customer communication is of massive importance to us here at Albury Casting, all of our parts are shipped in seaworthy crating and we take full responsibility of the part until it leaves our Australian warehouse rather than being distant in both location and on customer satisfaction. While much of the manufacturing is in Asia we are also a local Australian company and you can come by our warehouse or ask one of our staff to come by your facility.

Below is a partial range of the parts we supply.  We also have regular visits to suppliers outside of Malaysia to ensure that standards of production control are being adhered to.

Investment Casting – Indonesia (Example HERE)
Sand Casting (Aluminium, Iron & Steel) – Malaysia (Examples HERE, HERE)
Fasteners – Japan, Taiwan, China & Malaysia
We also have staff on hand to communicate in a number of languages to ease the process of sourcing from foreign suppliers.


Navigating your way through shipping, customs and other paperwork when importing small amounts can be a maze.  Albury Castings has a consistent stream of containers arriving which supply our own requirements, we are eager to fill up space.